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Welcome to Eureka Professional Home Management!

We know what your home means to you, the investment that was required and how important it is to keep it in optimal conditions. For this reason we have developed a serious and professional maintenance service for your home, outdoors as well as indoors.


  • » Garden Maintenance
  • » Construction of Gardens
  • » Installation and control of Irrigation systems
  • » Garden design with 3 D-Dossier


  • » Cleaning and maintaining all sorts of Pool types (Chlorine, Electrolysis)
  • » Pool construction
  • » Repair and Renovation
  • » Installation and setting up of Electrolysis
  • » Testing for leaks
  • » Photometric Analysis


  • » All kind of refurbishments in and outside the house
  • » Isolation
  • » Construction and reforms of Pools
  • » Façade rehabilitation
  • » Construction of stone terraces (bancales)
  • » General renovations
  • » Our external partners: Electrician, Air Conditioning technician, heating installation, Painters, Carpenters, Locksmiths, etc.


  • » Osmosis
  • » UV
  • » Decalcifying systems
  • » Checking of the water quality
  • » Water recirculation for cisterns
  • » Plumbing works


  • » Regular control: Airing of rooms and check for humidity, watering of plants, turning on of heating and/or air conditioning, turning on the taps, emptying of letterboxes, etc.
  • » Control of the house/Apartment after heavy rainfall and/or wind
  • » Cleaning*: Cleaning of the house/Apartment before your arrival, during your stay and after your departure, washing of the Laundry in the house or in the Launderette.

*The cleaning will be carried out as a complementary service which goes hand in hand with other services and is not offered as an individual service.